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Tanulmányi ösztöndíj a tehetséges gyermekekért 2013

Tanulmányi ösztöndíj a tehetséges gyermekekért – Alapprogram 2013.


A Családjainkért Alapítvány Esélyt a képességeknek programja keretében ösztöndíjpályázatot ír ki kiemelkedően teljesítő, tehetséges és szociális helyzetüket tekintve hátrányt szenvedő, általános iskolai diákok számára. A pályázatra 4-5. osztályt végző tanulók jelentkezhetnek.

Diamond Flower performance on December 16th

The Roma theatre workshop organized under the Chance programme will present a a new tale, titled The Diamond Flower by László Varga folowed by a short presentation of the Give a chance to the talented programme and a charity auction.
Please refer to the brochure attached for a more detailed information on the progress made and plans as to  the  integration of capable and motivated Roma children form the Salgótarján region  under the Chance programme.

Tsulano, the brave gypsy - preview

Tsulano, the brave gypsy

Premiere of the Roma Theatre worksop project on May 8. Come and see it!

Géza Csemer:

Tsulano, the brave gypsy

tale with musical inserts


Directed by: IVÁN VAS-ZOLTÁN Assistant: Bea Nyári

 (Cinka Panna Roma Theatre)


Cinka Panna Roma Theatre:

Judit Jónás, actress

Károly D.Horváth, actor

Júlia Sándor, actress

György Szabó, light technician

Presented by the Cinka Panna Roma Theatre and the foundation for Families as a project of the Give a Chance to the Talented programme, with participantss of the Roma Talent Workshop organized in Nógrád county, children aged 10-16 years.

English subtitles are provided during the show.

Location: FMK Ferencváros Culture Centre,

1096 Budapest, Haller str. 27. 

Date: 8th May, 2011 4 pm

Ferencváros Municipal Administration and the FMK Cultural Centre

Donation tickets to be ordered with the downloadable Ticket_order_sheet_Tsulano  and by transferring the donation amount. Depending on availability obtainable prior to the performance at the theatre.

About us

Give a Chance to the Talented



The Give a Chance to the Talented programme started 2005 as a specialized initiative of the Foundation for Families, a foundation founded 1991 by the National Association for Large Families, NOE.


The goal of this programme is to help gifted or talented children living in poverty or being hampered by their social environment in turning their capabilities  into tangible chances for their lives.

This is in line with the general goal of the foundation to help families in raison their children.


Tanulmányi ösztöndíj a tehetséges gyermekekért 2014.

Tanulmányi ösztöndíj a tehetséges gyermekekért 2014.

Summer study camps 2011

The usual summer study camps hava been realized in July-August 2011 again.
The main difference as against earlier years was that one in 3 participating child was the happy member of the Roma theatre workshop that had taken place in the preceeding spring months.

Your donation is well placed

Why help the goals of the Give a Chance to the Talented Programme? 

·        You give a real chance for a succesful life

·         Each donated EURO is being utilized well for the goal you support

·        Approx.  70 % of each EURO you donate will be used for or by those you support

·        We make the use of funds transparent to you, confirmed  by audit as of 2011

·        In case of a donation or CSR-Agreement you can get a full account of the use of funds you donate

·        Careful and faire selection of children getting support

·        Close Monitoring of the funds/scholarships as used by those supported


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